Cream Bread

Popular Varieties of Korean Bread with Cream

Korean Bread with Cream – ‘Breadik Nonsan Watermelon Whipped Cream Bread’

There are many different types of Bredique whipped cream bread, so I use them often. I heard that Nonsan watermelon whipped cream bread was released this time, so I looked for it every time I went to the gs25 convenience store, but I couldn’t find it. This Nonsan watermelon whipped cream bread was obtained after several failed attempts.

Korean Bread with Cream - 'Breadik Nonsan Watermelon Whipped Cream Bread'

These days, convenience store breads are not only of good quality, but are also delicious, making them great as sweet snacks. Looking at the visual of Nonsan Watermelon Whipped Cream Bread, I can imagine the taste as a convenience store bread with a good representation of watermelon, but I am also looking forward to it and curious about it. A summer-only whipped cream bread filled with the sweetness of summer, filled with watermelon harvested this year in Nonsan!

Cream Bread

​It’s nice that there are a lot of products on the seasonal menu that match the watermelon season. The price of Nonsan Watermelon Whipped Cream Bread is a bit expensive. The outside is a sweet cookie that resembles a watermelon, and the middle is filled with refreshingly sweet watermelon whipped cream and sweet chocolate chips. When you open the bag of Nonsan Watermelon Whipped Cream Bread, you can see that it is kept in its shape well because it is placed in a plastic container.

Cream Bread

​It has a round, flat shape that looks like a bun or a steamed bun, and has a watermelon and sweet scent. To cut it nicely, I made a notch and then cut it by hand. This is a watermelon whipped cream bread that is not thick on the outside but full of whipped cream. I was surprised by the amount of whipped cream. I’m really looking forward to the taste of Nonsan watermelon whipped cream bread, which is both sweet and soft.

Cream Bread

​When you cut it by hand, the chocolate chips are stuck inside the whipped cream, making it even more reminiscent of a watermelon. You can enjoy the harmonious taste of the softness of cookies, the sweetness and softness of whipped cream, and the sweet chewy chocolate chips in the middle. The watermelon scent and taste are strong, so it feels like eating watermelon, and as it is an ingredient enjoyed as a summer fruit, watermelon bread was also delicious.  When I cut and touched it, it got a lot on my hands. If it’s delicious, I have to endure this. It contained watermelon, which is often used as a summer fruit, so it had as much watermelon flavor as I expected and was sweet, so I enjoyed it.

Cream Bread

Korean Bread with Cream – ‘Daily Milk Cream Cheese Cream Bread’

This time, I will also recommend Derte Maeil Milk Cream Cheese Cream Bread, which can be purchased at convenience stores. These days, a lot of whipped cream breads are coming out at convenience stores. They come in two types, Daily Milk Cream Cheese Cream Bread and Vanilla Cream Bread, but they only have cream cheese cream bread. The price of cream cheese cream bread is cheap. These days, convenience store breads are available in a variety of high quality, so they are often used as convenience store desserts. The chewy bread made with daily milk is filled with rich cream cheese. Just by looking at the visual, it is soft and moist. It feels sweet.

Korean Bread with Cream - 'Daily Milk Cream Cheese Cream Bread'

​Derte is Maeil Dairy Products’ dessert brand. When you open the bag, the color is different from other breads; it is not golden, but looks slightly white and has a wrinkled shape, similar to a bun. It’s neatly packed in a plastic container.​I tried holding it in my palm, and it was large enough to be used as a meal. There was traces of cream cheese running down the side. I cut it with a knife. Like a cream bread, it is filled with cream. It feels soft and moist like cream cheese. Because the color is similar to that of bread, it doesn’t seem to be visible from a distance.

Cream Bread

As expected from the outside, it is a cream bread filled with plenty of cream cheese. I tried it right out of the refrigerator, and it was chewy and slightly chewy, like convenience store bread, not crumbly bread. The cream cheese didn’t feel too sweet, but was soft, moist, and just the right amount of sweetness, so it was good to use. I only ate about half of it because I was using it with other snacks, but I think I could have eaten about one. These days, convenience store breads are expensive, but the quality is good, so I think it’s good to use as a convenience store dessert.

Cream Bread

Korean Bread with Cream – ‘Yonsei Milk Matcha Cream Bread’

The bread I tried was Yonsei Milk Matcha Cream Bread! The Yonsei Milk series is hot these days, so I tried whipped cream once before, but it was a bit of a hit!? But this friend didn’t bite until the end, perhaps because of the unique sweet and bitter taste of matcha, and it was absolutely delicious!! It’s a bit expensive, but if this friend catches your eye at a convenience store, I recommend giving it a try!!

Korean Bread with Cream - 'Yonsei Milk Matcha Cream Bread'

Korean Bread with Cream – ‘Yonsei Milk Corn Cream Bread’

It’s sweet and full of corn cream. As soon as I opened it, there was a sweet and fragrant corn scent, and even the sight was so appetizing that I wanted to cut it in half and eat it. CU’s unique recipe makes softer bread with sweet corn cookie toppings and grains! The moment when the presence of corn shines with yellow color both on the outside and inside.

Korean Bread with Cream - 'Yonsei Milk Corn Cream Bread'

I’ve been trying one every time the series is released, and there’s almost no like or dislike for the corn flavor, so it’s a taste you can’t go wrong with, so my expectations are rising even before I try it! Corn whipped cream bread is full of soft and sweet corn cream.

Cream Bread

Every now and then, you can chew on the corn kernels. After enjoying it, I was curious about the calories, so I looked it up and found that it was a whopping 468kcal. Looking at the amount of cream filled, I understood the calories. Just eating this alone seems like the perfect snack!

Cream Bread

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