Skein Bingsu

Popular Toppings and Flavors of Korean Bingsu

Korean Bingsu – Mango Bingsu & strawberry Bingsu

I saw this shaved ice shop while passing by and it was so delicious. At first, I wasn’t sure if it was a franchise or a private shaved ice shop. That’s because it’s my first time to this store to be considered a franchise, and the flyers and menus seemed too neat and tidy to be considered an independent store.

Mango Bingsu

This is the mango shaved ice I ate. The taste was really crazy. I think it was the most delicious shaved ice I’ve ever had in my life. It was mango shaved ice, and the ice was sliced very thinly. It was so delicious, but I actually liked it because there were no people. I haven’t been to Goyang City much, so I didn’t know what it was famous for, but I think it would be perfect to eat Baobing for dessert after shopping at Goyang Starfield.

Korean Bingsu - Mango Bingsu & strawberry Bingsu

It was so delicious that I went again next time. What I ate this time was strawberry shaved ice. I recommend the mango shaved ice because it is sweeter, but the strawberry shaved ice was also very delicious. In particular, after making the shaved ice, they sprinkled something like cookie kernel(?) on it, and the flavor of the cookie kernel was very delicious. I think the special feature of Baobing shaved ice is that you can taste ice cream, fruit, ice, and snacks all together.

strawberry Bingsu

Korean Bingsu – Jar Bingsu

I went to Samcheong-dong in early to mid-June before the rainy season started and ended up visiting Dal Cafe, a famous jar green tea shaved ice dessert cafe. There is Bukchon Hanok Village near Dal Cafe in Samcheong-dong, so there is a lot of floating population of foreign tourists and domestic people on the street where the cafe is located. The exterior has a Hanok feel that foreigners will like, so it is easy to find. The entrance requires climbing a half-story flight of stairs.

Korean Bingsu - Jar Bingsu

The interior, like the exterior, has an overall wood-toned interior with many wooden pillars here and there, like a traditional Korean house. The main visitors were foreigners and families. Even though it looks like a hanok, it has air conditioning and everything inside, and it’s cool in the summer, so you don’t have to worry. Dahl’s signature shaved ice and waffles appear on the first page, and if you flip to the back, you’ll also find typical cafe menu items such as traditional tea and coffee. Of course, I decided on the signature jar shaved ice. You can choose between two jar shaved ices: traditional red bean shaved ice or green tea shaved ice.

Jar Bingsu

It is said that jar shaved ice is sold in units of 2 servings. Considering the local prices, I didn’t think it was expensive. And above all, the portion size is quite large, enough for more than 2 people. I think there would probably be enough food for three people. What makes Samcheong-dong Dal Cafe’s signature jar shaved ice so special is that it contains rice cake. I felt that the Korean style was completed well with the rice cakes in the shaved ice jar to match the cafe concept.

Jar Bingsu

Korean Bingsu – Skein Bingsu

Finally, the long-awaited bingsu has arrived. My friend and I both like mangoes, so we ordered ‘Silthalae Mango bingsu’ without hesitation, but it was a bit expensive. The skein of mango shaved ice was made of yellow milk shaved ice layered as thin as a thread, and a whole whole mango, not frozen, was cut into pieces that were easy to eat. First of all, the first visual passed completely!

Korean Bingsu - Skein Bingsu
Looking closely at the mango bingsu again, I was curious about how the milk bingsu came out so thin and smooth and how it was made. Because of the raw mango, the mango scent was strong, and I wanted to taste it quickly. When I took a spoonful, thebingsu crumbled and floated gently. The taste is something that anyone who likes mango can’t help but enjoy. The soft and sweet mango bingsu melts in your mouth and disappears in an instant.
Skein Bingsu
It goes well with the savory cookie scramble that comes with it, and it goes even better with raw mango. I sometimes saw reviews saying that unripe raw mangoes were served, but we received perfectly ripe raw mangoes that were cut into pieces that were easy to scoop out along with the shaved ice. (If it had been frozen mangoes, we would have thought the bingsu was expensive, but it came with a whole can of raw mangoes, so it was pretty good. I had a thought.)
Skein Bingsu
After eating the delicious Siltarae Mango Bingsu in a matter of seconds, the heat in Mudeung Mountain disappeared completely, and I was very curious about the sight and taste of the ‘milk, green tea, milk tea, and strawberry’ Siltarae Bingsu. I wanted to order it again, but since I had plans later, I decided to come back again in the winter and try the seasonal menu, Strawberry Thread Shaved Ice, and ended my visit to Mudeungsan Mountain Cafe.

Skein Bingsu

Korean Bingsu – Melon Bingsu

I visited on a weekday afternoon and there were quite a few customers. The interior is a bit small, so there might be a wait on weekends. As soon as I entered, the colorful desserts caught my eye.

Korean Bingsu - Melon Bingsu

From fruit tarts to warabi mochi, Japanese sweets, and this place’s signature plum skein, I came here to try the apple mango shaved ice, but it was sold out as the ingredients ran out by the end. Wa Cake, a Japanese sweet, also cannot be ordered due to an ingredient issue. It was this.

Melon Bingsu

It’s a shame, but I’ll eat it next time! It’s a pity that I couldn’t eat it, but it felt sensible to recommend desserts while looking at the ingredients. I ordered melon shaved ice and injeolmi warabi mochi! It’s milk shaved ice with a big melon on top! They posted a small note with the ingredients in the shaved ice drawn on it. It was quite fun and more delicious to eat while checking what I was eating.

Melon Bingsu

The shaved ice was delicious, but I was a little disappointed because the melon on top wasn’t very sweet. I thought it was cooked really well, but it was a bit bland. Still, the ice cream and shaved ice were delicious, so I enjoyed it overall. If you eat a little, mascarpone cheese will appear at the bottom, and when this comes out, it becomes even more delicate and delicious.

Melon Bingsu

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