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Korean Dutch Coffee Set – Black Code Coffee

Now that Chuseok is approaching, I’ve been wondering what to give as a gift to my friends or family. I always end up giving and receiving gifts, but this time, I’m going to give a coffee set as a gift. Speaking of my family, we drink a cup of coffee every day. So I looked on the internet and found this guy! It’s called ‘Black Code Coffee’!

Korean Dutch Coffee Set - Black Code Coffee

When the product I ordered arrived, I saw that it was packaged tightly so as not to break in a luxurious box that made it perfect as a Chuseok gift set. I felt better from the moment I opened the case. From what I know, 90% of Koreans start their day with coffee. Is there anyone who doesn’t like coffee? You might wonder.

Coffee Set

It consists of two cold brew wine bottles! One is decaffeinated and the other is Colombian. It’s so nice that you can enjoy it in two flavors! At first, I ordered coffee, but I wondered why wine came. But this isn’t wine, it’s coffee in a wine bottle. I think this is a good option for those who like coffee but are worried about caffeine.

Coffee Set

First, I put aside the packaging and tried decaffeinated coffee first. If you drink regular decaffeinated coffee, it tastes like it’s lacking 2% for some reason. It was true that I always didn’t drink decaffeinated coffee because it tasted bland and boring. But the Black Code decaffeinated coffee here has a strong coffee taste and a floral scent, right? At the same time, it has a nutty taste… I wondered if decaffeinated coffee could be this delicious, so I looked it up and found that it was a decaffeinated coffee made with great care through the sugar cane method.

Coffee Set


Dutch Americano

Pour 1:5 Dutch hot water.

Dutch Latte

Please adjust the ratio to 5 milk: 1 Dutch.

Iced Dutch Americano

Dutch 1: Please use ice water 5.

Black Code Coffee

It’s easy to get bored with the same Chuseok products you think about every time. I think of coffee as one of those drinks that I don’t really like. It was packaged securely and safely, so I thought it would be luxurious and perfect as a gift!

Korean Dutch Coffee Set – Mo’Dew Initial Dutch Coffee

It’s the end of the year and Christmas is approaching, so I think some people are preparing gift sets or giving gifts for events. Today, I would like to recommend a special Dutch coffee that is good for such occasions. It is a gift set prepared by Dew Initial Coffee that can convey a message to your heart. Unlike regular coffee sets, there is something more special about it.

Korean Dutch Coffee Set - Mo'Dew Initial Dutch Coffee

First of all, the package is a hard paper case with a sturdy and emotional design, so I felt that it was enough to give as a gift without separate packaging. Black and pastel pink bring out a romantic sensibility. I think it would be a good idea to give as a Christmas gift or prepare for a special day.

Mo'Dew Initial Dutch Coffee

When you open the box, you will receive cold brew wrapped in wings, and you can write whatever message you want to convey your feelings. Various initials, such as alphabet letters and hearts, are printed on the packaging, so you can create phrases by combining them as you like. Basically, there are 5-character and 20-character packages that appear when you open the package.

Mo'Dew Initial Dutch Coffee

When you want to express your feelings in a more witty and fun way, such as a 100-day anniversary, wedding anniversary, or birthday, it would be special to prepare a combination of various phrases. By using Mo Dew Initial’s unique roasting and double extraction method, the concentration of coffee concentrate is strong but caffeine is low. In addition, because it is Dutch coffee packaged in wings for one serving, you can take it with you anytime, anywhere and drink it by mixing it with water or milk to make Americano or cafe latte.

Mo'Dew Initial Dutch Coffee

Personally, I like the taste of Dutch coffee, so I brew it at home and drink it. The downside to this is whether it is truly hygienic. Even if you brew it at home, it is not free from germs, so I try to consume the coffee I brew quickly. However, in the case of Initial Coffee, it is packaged in small portions, so it does not come into contact with oxygen, so it can be stored and consumed more hygienically. In fact, they even have certificates through various quality inspections.

Dutch Coffee

Personally, I drink two or three cups of coffee a day, and it is quite annoying to have to preheat the coffee machine and make coffee every time. From now on, I plan to simply use Dutch coffee to make delicious lattes and Americanos!


Korean Dutch Coffee Set – Geuttae Coffee

Dutch coffee is less bitter than regular coffee and has a clean, smooth feel! Although the caffeine content is high, the concentration can be adjusted according to preference, so it is a Dutch coffee concentrate that anyone who enjoys coffee will definitely like. This time, I will recommend Geuttae Coffee Kolgbrew, which is popular as a simple gift such as a wedding gift.

Korean Dutch Coffee Set - Geuttae Coffee

The product was carefully packaged with air caps in a delivery box and was received safely with no damage. I ordered it as a single item because I was going to drink it at home, but if you are giving it as a gift, I think it would look more thoughtful if you purchase a special shopping bag as well! You can check the manufacturing date on the back of the box, and it was reliable as it was fresh coffee brewed on the day it was shipped.

Coffee Set

6 Types of Geuttae Coffee

Dutch blend
Vietnamese Robusta

Coffee Set

It includes a recipe card with instructions on how to make everything from Americano to latte, ade, cocktails, etc., so you can just follow the proportions to make it. Until now, I only drank undiluted Dutch coffee in water, but seeing that I can enjoy it in so many different ways, I’m going to try something different and try it when I’m hungry.

Coffee Set

What is Dutch Coffee Cold Brew?

This coffee is brewed using room temperature or cold water rather than hot water, and is characterized by a less bitter taste and a smoother flavor as it is steeped for a long time.

Coffee Set

Enjoy the fun of choosing from six different types to suit your taste! The label color is different for each coffee bean, so the packaging is pretty and it’s a gift that will make you feel good when you receive it as a return gift.

Coffee Set

Korean Dutch Coffee Set – Coffee Arque

It’s a season when I feel sentimental, a season when I miss the warm scent of coffee. Is it because of the season that the smell of coffee reminds me of someone I miss? One day when it was drizzling, I was looking for a little luxury for myself. It’s a healing time to take out a book and think before drinking coffee… I felt like I wanted to share this healing time with people I miss and are thankful for during the Chuseok holiday.

Korean Dutch Coffee Set - Coffee Arque

Coffee Arke is a first-generation Dutch coffee specialty brand. Even the product packaging is filled with emotion, making it feel special! It includes a handwritten card to convey your feelings and a recipe to enjoy delicious Dutch coffee concentrate. Isn’t this package a perfect fit for the season of Dotseo? I have a feeling that this Chuseok will also be an untact holiday, so I would like to recommend it because I think it will be a special gift that can convey warm feelings even if we don’t meet each other~

Coffee Set

One healing book, one book at a time. The concept is as if it were on a bookshelf. When you open the book, you will find a Dutch coffee stick with the deep taste and aroma of a hand drip. What if you choose a book that matches your mood and atmosphere that day, have a healing time, and think of me as a gift each time? Just thinking about it made me feel really happy!

Coffee Set

3 types of Dutch coffee

Costa Rica

Coffee Set

It’s a good season for reading and contemplation. How about Coffee Arke’s Dutch coffee as a Chuseok gift for those you miss and appreciate? This Chuseok, express your gratitude with a healing book gift set~

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