Explore Various Korean Dog Food Brands: Quality Choices for Your Pets

Korean Dog Food Brands – Charlie Tango

This is the first time in the world that I have fallen in love with homemade snacks for my dogs. The Charlie Tango Discovery Set I met this time! A pet food that allows you to enjoy a variety of 8 signature flavors and is both nutritious and highly palatable! Plus, what’s going on with the snack container design? You got the feeling right! Personally, I think it would be a great gift for the upcoming Christmas.

Korean Dog Food Brands - Charlie Tango

There are a total of 12 snacks in 8 flavors per container. It is true that Charlie Tango is the most atmospheric among pet food brands! When I received the product, I thought it was a lovely baby, but I felt like I needed to put something on it.

Charlie Tango, a Korean dog food brand, offers a wide range of high-quality and nourishing dog food products that are specially formulated to meet the nutritional needs of dogs, ensuring their overall health and wellbeing.

Beef Barrel Meal
Soybean Barrel Mill
Chicken Barrel Meal
duck work bar
Kangaroo Work Bar
salmon crackers
Soyang, coconut cracker
Soabi Crackers

Charlie Tango

Barrel Meal is a type of moist homemade wet food that is great to use when feeding natural food as a special meal. Work Bar has a similar wet snack formula and is a high-protein, low-calorie snack with as few calories as possible! Crackers have a crunchy texture and are recommended as a nose work snack! If you look at all the ingredients of Beef Barrel Wheat, it contains protein from beef and soybeans, and uses healthy vegetables such as sweet pumpkin, carrots, broccoli cabbage, sweet potatoes, and Vswellia ingredients to provide both taste and nutrition!

Charlie Tango

Korean Dog Food Brands – Mars Korea Greenies Anytime Bites

When raising a puppy, there are many things to take care of. These days, oral care is more difficult than I thought, so I’m worried about my dog’s tartar. He needs to brush his teeth every day, but he’s too busy running around, so I started giving him Hankook Mars Greenies Anytime Bites, a dog dental gum that’s perfect as a snack along with taking care of dog tartar. Mars Korea is a brand that provides pet care products based on good quality and balanced nutrition for pets around the world.

Korean Dog Food Brands - Mars Korea Greenies Anytime Bites

Greenies Anytime Bites are dog dental gum treats designed in a 37mm bite-sized size to make them easier to feed more frequently than existing products. It is a low-calorie dog dental gum that can be easily given to dogs before or after meals, before going to bed, or whenever they need a snack, so even dogs who are losing weight can enjoy it without burden. It comes in three different flavors: original, refreshing mint, and refreshing blueberry. It is released as a pet food, so you can choose and feed it according to your dog’s preference.

Dog Food

Korea Mars Greenies Anytime Bites are dental gums that dogs love due to their chewy texture and high palatability. My dog is quite a picky eater, so he only eats the snacks he normally eats and is unfamiliar with new things, but the moment I take out Greenie’s Yani Time Bites, he shows up rushing to eat them. They are highly soluble and have excellent digestion power.

Dog Food

Yum yum chewing it thoroughly helps to naturally manage the dog’s tartar, and when the family eats it, they look for dog treats. I like it even more because it is a low-calorie dog snack that is easy to give. When feeding Greenies Anytime Bites, please note that it is not suitable for dogs weighing less than 2kg or under 6 months old, so please always feed it with fresh water.

Dog Food

Korean Dog Food Brands – Haibio Hwangtae

This is Hivio dried pollack, a dog snack that Gaeul is really enjoying these days! It’s not that I haven’t eaten dried pollack snacks in a while, but the ones that come out long like Haibio Hwangtae are it’s my first time eating it. I liked Haibio Hwangtae because it seemed like the size and texture were perfect for Ga Eul.
Korean Dog Food Brands - Haibio Hwangtae
Haibio is a pet snack specialty brand that holds three types of certification from the Korea Pet Owners Association. It’s even more trustworthy because it’s a brand that specializes in making pet snacks! It contains 50g of pollack, which fills one bag well. It is a human-grade snack made only from pollack (polluted pollack). Since we use the original ingredients, it is full of nutrients and does not cause allergies. This size is not too thick! Most of the length is visible. So it’s good to just pay one. Small mini treats are good too. Sometimes it’s nice to give something this big as a reward snack.
Dog Food
Manufactured in domestic Hacsup certified facilities! I felt that it was a healthy snack that had completed feed testing and feed ingredient registration. It was easy to store it in a zipper bag. If you look at the Haibio Hwangtae detail page, you can see that the texture is crispy and the strength is medium. That’s absolutely true! It is not a chewy or too hard dried dog treat, but has a crunchy texture that is easy to chew, so it is easy on the teeth and jaw. Gaeul doesn’t have any teeth and has a bad jaw, so even though she likes to play tug, she can’t play too much. So, I naturally choose foods and snacks that are not hard, but since I only eat soft treats, I wanted to give them a different texture.
Dog Food
But if it’s too hard, you end up buying it and then throwing it away… ? I couldn’t predict the texture, so I repeated the process every time, but Haibio Hwangtae is exactly the crunchiness I wanted. It is a dog treat made with pollack, a high-protein, low-fat food that can help with vitality. It is served without synthetic additives and has been treated with low salt to reduce salt content. They say you should avoid consuming too much.
Dog Food

Korean Dog Food Brands – Right Think Pet Goat Milk Freeze Dried Treat

During the health checkup, the doctor said that dieting is essential for dogs. But you can’t not give dogs treats just because they’re on a diet. I need to look for diet snacks for dogs. Is there a low-calorie snack that dogs like? Fucoidan dog snacks. , low-calorie dog snack, Right Think Pet Goat Milk Freeze-Dried Treat!
Korean Dog Food Brands - Right Think Pet Goat Milk Freeze Dried Treat
Right Think Pet, I usually don’t take pictures of the packaging, but you made it look pretty… He was so shy, I didn’t even think of him as a dog diet snack, and I thought he was a man who secretly admired me, but that couldn’t be possible… Sigh!!! Ah, it’s almost December and I’m getting anxious!! Screw the gap!!!!
Dog Food
Such a touching letter for a goat milk freeze-dried treat… I’ve never received anything like this, even a love letter!! Well.. The pet food market is growing, but there are no separate laws regulating it and there is no obligation to list the country of origin or all ingredients, so I felt anxious when I bought it, but you were so trustworthy that you understood my anxiety like this!!

Dog Food

Goat milk and fucoidan are natural ingredients, so they have no side effects or toxicity, and contain abundant dietary fiber and nutrients. I thought I would try dog diet snacks. I didn’t know dogs would like it this much because they are really quiet, like hiding their eyes, and don’t have any smell. Low calorie snack! Dog diet snack! Antioxidant snack! I recommend the Right Think Pet Goat Milk Freeze-Dried Treat, a trustworthy safety brand, to anyone who wants to try it!
Dog Food

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