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Tips And Tricks For Making Delicious Korean Dog Food At Home

Korean Dog Food – Tofu Steak

Today, I will recommend a simple and nutritious homemade dog snack recipe for your dogs!! Easy homemade dog treats that can be made in just 10 minutes and are cooked in a frying pan without an open or air fryer! Let’s make it together.

Korean Dog Food - Tofu Steak

Homemade Dog Snack Recipe

Prepare tofu steak ingredients! Since this is a dog tofu snack, you should prepare tofu as the basic ingredient, right? Prepare a base of tofu, rice flour, and eggs and one or two vegetables you want to add. I prepared carrots!

Tofu Steak

Prepare ingredients to make homemade dog snacks (make dough before baking!)

1. Remove the moisture from the tofu with a kitchen towel and then mash it! Mash the drained tofu well!
2. Prepare the carrots by finely dicing them! The basics of homemade dog treat recipes are to cut them into small pieces, chop them, and mash them for easy digestion!
3. Mashed tofu and minced carrots,
Then, mix the prepared egg water and rice flour to make dough.
It would be great if you make it a little thicker! Mix the ingredients well!

Tofu Steak

Just bake it deliciously and you’re done! Put a little olive oil in a frying pan, preheat it, and scoop out the batter, one spoonful at a time, and put it on top! Grill it to a delicious golden brown on both sides and it’s done! Once you bake it deliciously, you’re done making homemade dog treats! I took a bite. Even though it wasn’t seasoned, the tofu had a delicious flavor. Homemade dog snack recipe that can be used as a meal replacement!

Tofu Steak

After cooling sufficiently, feed the appropriate amount! Freshly grilled tofu steak is hot. Let it cool sufficiently to become lukewarm and then feed it in the appropriate amount according to the child’s weight! Store leftover food in the refrigerator and then pop it in the microwave when refeeding. Make homemade dog treats that are both palatable and nutritious! How about buying some tofu from the supermarket this evening and making delicious homemade dog treats? It will make you really happy to see your dogs eating delicious food!

Tofu Steak

Korean Dog Food – Handmade Bread

It’s been a long time since I made dog snacks! This time, we’re making homemade dog snack bread! Let me introduce the ingredients first~

Korean Dog Food - Handmade Bread

I’m trying to make egg bread for the first time! I prepared carrots, zucchini, and cabbage so that I can eat organic rice powder and vegetables evenly, and I plan to add eggs and cheese as well! I’m going to prepare a silicone mold, put the ingredients in it, and bake it in the oven. Before baking it in the oven, I’ll fry the vegetables first. Just sprinkle a small amount of olive oil to prevent it from burning and cook until it has a soft texture! If you have coconut oil, you can use it instead of olive oil.

Dog Food

Once it’s browned to a certain degree, I move it to a separate bowl and wait for it to cool for a while before I beat the egg water. If you mix hot vegetables into the eggs right away, the egg water may cook, so it’s better to give it some time! Break an egg and beat it well and mix the stir-fried vegetables evenly. I added the stir-fried vegetables on top of the egg mixture, but I added carrots, zucchini, and cabbage. You can also add other vegetables instead! It looks delicious even if you add broccoli instead of zucchini, and the color of the homemade snack will come out pretty even if you add paprika!

Dog Food

Mix well so that the egg mixture and vegetables do not separate! Up to this point, it’s similar to how to make a frittata, but I’m planning to make homemade dog snack egg bread today, so I’m going to add savory cheese and rice powder. Cut the cheese into cubes in advance and add it to the egg water! The cheese I used is a level 1 organic baby cheese that children eat, so it has little saltiness and a strong savory taste, so it can be given to dogs in small amounts. My baby really likes cheese, so I added a little bit, but if you don’t want it, you can skip it. There’s no problem.

Dog Food

I added cheese and it already smells delicious! It had the sweet scent of vegetables and the savory scent of cheese and eggs. If you steam it like this, it becomes steamed eggs. If you don’t have an oven, you can make a snack like this. Since I was making dog bread, I added rice flour, but I think the recipe needs to be modified for this part! Later, when I tried it, it tasted a little dry, so I plan to modify it and make it again, so I hope those of you who refer to it will take it into consideration.

Dog Food

Korean Dog Food – Dog Homemade Kimbap

Today, it’s dog kimbap, a homemade dog treat made to create a picnic mood! How to make homemade dog treats that are also good as dog food! Homemade dog snacks that are also good as staple food! Making dog kimbap!

Korean Dog Food - Dog Homemade Kimbap

Material preparation

Seaweed ground meat + carob powder – I used ground chicken breast meat. I used carob powder to give it a dark color. You can also use black bean powder instead of carob powder!

Rice portion ground meat

We recommend white chicken rather than pink duck!


paprika, carrots, spinach, cottage cheese – any vegetable that tastes good is OK! (It’s best to blanch the spinach and lightly fry the carrots.)

Dog Food

To make

Mix half of the ground meat with carob powder to make it dark in color, then place plastic wrap on the steamer! Make the seaweed part of dog kimbap first!

Dog Food

Pack the filling first

Spread half of the remaining ground meat on a piece of plastic wrap and top with the vegetables as if you were wrapping kimbap! Wrap dog kimbap the same way as you would human kimbap!

Dog Food

Rolling dog kimbap

After the first step of rolling the ingredients into the clean ground meat, spread the seaweed meat you made earlier on the seaweed roll in the same way! Place the inner tube on top and then roll it up one more layer!!

Dog Food

The process of making dog kimbap and homemade dog snacks!

Approximately 20 minutes in the steamer! Roll it up with plastic wrap and move it to the steamer! If you cut the finished kimbap right away, it falls apart!! Move it to the refrigerator, let it cool down, then cut it into pretty pieces and you’re done! Making homemade dog treats! Dog kimbap is complete! Dog kimbap made with great care by mom, choosing only the ingredients that our babies like! You have no choice but to eat well, right?

Dog Food

Korean Dog Food – Dog Chicken Breast Nutritious Rice

Make homemade dog treats with no preservatives using an Oku dryer! Here’s how to make nutritious chicken breast rice! Make nutritious chicken breast food for your dog with the Okoo dryer!

Korean Dog Food - Dog Chicken Breast Nutritious Rice

2 chicken breasts, 1 bowl of rice, 1 boiled carrot, 1 cucumber, 20g sesame seeds


To make
1. Place all ingredients in a grinder and finely chop.
2. Shape the chopped ingredients into an easy-to-eat size.
3. Place it neatly on the drying rack.
4. Dry in sunlight for 8 hours.

To make

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