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Healthy Snack and Dessert Meal Prep Ideas for Weight Loss

Healthy Snack Meal Prep Ideas for Weight Loss – ‘Dano Chicken Breast Chips’

Snacks that must be cut out when dieting! Every bite or two of the snacks you eat will stick to your belly and thighs, so snacking on them is an absolute no-no! Our Guillaume Catho keeps buying snacks at work. I feel like I gained weight (avoiding responsibility) after eating one or two bites of kakaar that I used to not eat (absolutely not because of the beer)

Meal Prep Ideas for Weight Loss

Healthy Snack Meal Prep Ideas for Weight Loss - 'Dano Chicken Breast Chips'

A nutritious snack recommended for dieters who eat a lot!! I happened to come across Dano Shop, a shopping mall specializing in diet snacks. I heard there are a lot of hot diet snacks here. Which of them do I almost fall in love with? (The reason will be explained later) These are chicken breast chips. One bag contains 25g and has 102kcal, so it may be high in calories compared to the feeling of fullness. However, the nutritional value is good.

'Dano Chicken Breast Chips

This is better than eating crappy snacks. It is made from chicken breast, so it has good nutritional value. It contains almost zero saturated fat and trans fat, which are bad for the body. Contains 19g of white matter. There are no food additives that are bad for the body. It looks like this and it really looks like chicken breast! The scent is really good too! Yum yum yum so delicious and spicy curry flavor!

'Dano Chicken Breast Chips

It’s totally my style, but the reason I don’t eat this anymore is because it makes me crave beer. So I can’t eat it anymore. While eating a diet snack, I crave beer. If I drink beer, I gain weight. So, I recommend this as a healthy snack! Anyway, it looks really delicious!

Healthy Snack Meal Prep Ideas for Weight Loss – ‘Yamibon Dietary Fiber Caramel’

Deliciously filling dietary fiber caramel yami stick! This is my first time hearing about dietary fiber caramel. I was really curious about what it would taste like. Yummibong is called dietary fiber caramel, a nutritious snack that provides a feeling of fullness with 15 calories of dietary fiber, so anyone of any age can eat it healthily when they are hungry.

Healthy Snack Meal Prep Ideas for Weight Loss - 'Yamibon Dietary Fiber Caramel'

You can think of it as a healthy caramel that contains healthy cacao nibs, vitamins A, C, and catechin. Of course, as we eat it with health in mind, it is said that dietary fiber caramel yami sticks do not contain the four major harmful ingredients. When you open the Yumibong caramel box, you will see that it is individually wrapped, making it convenient to carry in your bag and eat at any time.


Yamibon Dietary Fiber Caramel

The Yumibong products I purchased come in three flavors: strawberry, chocolate, and green tea. I think it would be better to differentiate them when mixed if they were individually packaged in different colors for each flavor. For some reason, one is disappointing, so chewing two and drinking a glass of water (about 250ml) will make you feel full.

Yamibon Dietary Fiber Caramel

Try these deliciously filling caramel yami sticks, which are great for those who need dietary fiber, are concerned about their intestinal health, or are looking for a low-calorie snack for busy office workers.

Healthy Dessert Meal Prep Ideas for Weight Loss – ‘Tofu Tiramisu’

My hobby is to bake various things on a regular basis. Recently, I’ve been eating less and less desserts to lose weight. But since dessert is missing from my life, life is becoming less fun. So, I tried making a vegan dessert that you can eat without burden. Usually, whole wheat cookies are used as sheets, but they are too high in calories. I also used sheet oatmeal in this recipe and I think it would work well. However, I used it as a treat for the oatmeal scones I made the other day. First, blanch the tofu in boiling water for about 1 minute. It is best to use soft tofu for stew. Rinse the boiled tofu in cold water and use a paper towel to remove moisture.

Healthy Dessert Meal Prep Ideas for Weight Loss - 'Tofu Tiramisu'

Since tofu tiramisu uses tofu as cream, it is difficult to make it hot. Cut the oatmeal scones and place them in the tiramisu container. Prepare by dissolving instant coffee in hot water. I used 2 bags of Canoe, but you may want to adjust the amount according to your taste. Wet the tiramisu sheets thoroughly with the melted coffee. I like eating it moistened with coffee, but since it was a scone and it was so dry, I almost poured it on. Finally, the tiramisu sheet was completed! Even though it looks like this, I firmly believe it will taste good. Now put the tofu prepared earlier into the blender.

Tofu Tiramisu

3 tablespoons of cream cheese. If you’re worried about the tofu flavor, it’s okay to add a lot, but I thought it would taste like tofu no matter how much I added, so I just put in the right amount. If you add too much, you will gain weight. There is also a way to add lemon juice or vanilla flavor. Also, honey is added for a sweeter taste. Stevia or allulose would be more helpful for weight loss, right? Still, I once saw on the Internet that oligosaccharides are better than honey.

Tofu Tiramisu

​Now, we will grind this to a heinous degree. It didn’t grind as well as I expected, so I applaud myself for trying too hard to remove the moisture. All of the real moisture is gone. Still, I get over it and grind it until the end. The taste is similar to the soft tofu gelato in Gangneung, but I don’t think it’s bad. Place the tofu cheese cream on the prepared oatmeal sheet. Sprinkle cocoa powder over the finely spread cream.

Tofu Tiramisu

It’s easier to clean up if you spread paper or parchment paper underneath and sprinkle it on. Then the tofu tiramisu is complete! Actually, it is not finished yet. Let it harden in the refrigerator for more than 2 hours. They say it tastes better when eaten a day later, so I think it would be better to make it in the evening and taste it the next day after it has hardened.

Tofu Tiramisu

Healthy Dessert Meal Prep Ideas for Weight Loss – ‘Upside Down Collagen Macaron’

This time, I would like to recommend the ‘Upside Down Collagen Macaron’, whose name may be a bit surprising! Actually, I’m the type of person who just eats macarons when I have them and doesn’t bother looking for them even when I don’t have them. I learned the charm of macarons after encountering real JMT macarons in France.

Healthy Dessert Meal Prep Ideas for Weight Loss - 'Upside Down Collagen Macaron'

I still can’t forget how delicious these rustic-looking macarons were. Anyway, these attractive macarons contain a lot of sugar. I found this product at Docda Mall while wondering if I could eat macarons in a healthier way. This is the ‘Upside Down Collagen Macaron’. There are 6 different flavors and each macaron contains 2,000 mg of collagen! On the side, the middle letter was written upside down, which was cute haha.

Upside Down Collagen Macaron

Looking at the raw materials, the main ingredients are almond powder and unrefined raw sugar, and it also contains low-molecular-weight fish collagen! Perhaps because all six macaron ingredients are listed, the ingredients seem very diverse. You can keep it frozen and thaw it at room temperature for 10 to 15 minutes before eating! If you look at the nutritional information for one macaron, the carbohydrate content is 9g.


In fact, since most of the common macarons are made from almond powder, this content is probably almost the same as the sugar content. For reference, unrefined raw sugar has a lower GI index than sugar and has more nutrients, but it does not raise blood sugar levels like alternative sweeteners such as stevia or erythritol. !!! If you eat unrefined raw sugar, your blood sugar will rise. I think you can just think of it as being less bad than sugar… There may be a reason why unrefined raw sugar was used during themanufacturing process, but personally, I think it would have been better to use an alternative sweetener, so I’m disappointed!!!


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