Grilled Triangle Kimbap

How to Make Kimbap Triangle: Step By Step Instructions

How to Make Kimbap Triangle – ‘Tuna Mayo & Spicy Tofu’Triangle Kimbap

Tuna mayo triangle Kimbap with tuna and spicy tofu triangle gimbap made by stir-frying tofu in spicy seasoning are great to take out lightly. I pack triangle gimbap for my child who wakes up late on the weekend and go out for a short workout. It’s good for my child to eat lightly when he wakes up, and I think the advantage of triangle Kimbap is that he can taste various flavors of his favorite menu items at the same time. Then, let me try making it.

How to Make Kimbap Triangle - 'Tuna Mayo & Spicy Tofu'Triangle Kimbap

Get ready

2 bowls of rice, 0.5T of red pepper paste, half a tofu (drain and prepare), a can of tuna (remove the oil and prepare), a little pickled radish (squeeze out the water and cut into bite-sized pieces), triangle gimbap seaweed or banana seaweed for kimbap, perilla leaves. 3~4 pieces (finely chopped)

Triangle Kimbap

Let’s make tofu and red pepper paste triangle Kimbap first. I prepared the tofu by wrapping it in a cotton cloth and removing the moisture, or placing a heavy cutting board on top to remove the moisture. Remove the moisture and stir-fry the mashed tofu in a pan with oil. To give it a bit of a fiery taste, I added 2T soy sauce, 1t onion powder, and 2T sugar and stir-fried the sweet and salty seasoning on the tofu. Add 1t of hot chicken sauce for the spicy flavor that children like, mix well, and finish with 1t of sesame oil, pepper, and sesame seeds.

Triangle Kimbap

Tuna Mayo Triangle Kimbap Ingredients: Tuna with oil removed, 2T mayonnaise, pepper, finely chopped pickled radish and perilla leaves, a little salt, and mix well. I added finely chopped perilla leaves, pickled radish, and 0.5 t of red pepper paste to the Spicy Tofu Triangle Kimbap filling. I added pickled radish to the tuna mayo filling and the spicy tofu filling, and the chewy texture was really good. Pickled radish can be replaced with kimchi or other vegetables depending on personal preference.

Triangle Kimbap

Prepare the rice by adding furikake, sesame salt, and sesame oil and mixing well. Now all you have to do is put them in the triangular Kimbap mold in order and your picnic lunch box will be complete. As with all foods, it seems easy to make as long as you pay attention to the preparation of ingredients.

Triangle Kimbap
For triangular gimbap, you can wrap the seaweed by turning it over. Press half of the rice into the triangular mold, add the desired seasoning on top, and then press the rice again to finish. Fold the seaweed in half and attach the enclosed sticker to the end to complete it. Triangular kimbap was completed without difficulty. If you gently remove the triangular kimbap mold from the mold, it will fall out. It’s not difficult. I made 6 triangle kimbap with two bowls of rice, but if you want more kimbap, you can adjust the amount of rice and filling.

Triangle Kimbap

Tuna Mayo Triangle Gimbap and Spicy Tofu Triangle Kimbap I found both of them delicious. The tuna mayo triangle gimbap was a great menu item for children to eat as it had a mild savory taste. The Spicy Tofu Triangle Gimbap had a refreshing taste with a small amount of spicy sauce added. Eating oatmeal with milk in the morning made it a healthy and filling meal. It’s also great to take lightly as a picnic lunch box. Since the triangular kimbap is wrapped in plastic, it is easy to eat outside and is also easy to clean up afterward. On a nice day, it would be nice to use various kimbap fillings and eat it on an outing to a nearby park with your family.

Triangle Kimbap

How to Make Kimbap Triangle – ‘TJeonju Bibim‘ Triangle Kimbap

Last time, I made tuna mayo triangle gimbap using seaweed for triangle kimbap and it was better than I thought so I made it. This is a recipe for Jeonju bibim triangle gimbap with plenty of beef! When I went to the pool villa, I took Jeonju bibim triangle gimbap and ate it with cup ramen the next morning, and it was delicious!!

How to Make Kimbap Triangle - 'TJeonju Bibim Triangle Kimbap

At home, I always make and eat rice balls, but once I tasted the crispy triangle kimbap, I didn’t think about rice balls at all and I think I will only use triangle kimbap from now on. I make triangle kimbap and I can take it out one at a time at home and eat it, or take it with me when I go out to play. For those of you who are wondering whether to buy the seaweed for triangle kimbap because it’s so good, trust me and try making triangle kimbap with seaweed for triangle kimbap!

Triangle KimbapRequired Ingredient

4 sheets of seaweed for triangular kimbap, 1.5 bowls of rice (315g), 200g of minced beef, 1/4 small onion, 2T of Beksul beef rib seasoning, 0.5T of cooking oil, 1.5T of red pepper paste, 1T of dark soy sauce, 0.5T of sugar, 0.5T of minced garlic. , sesame oil 0.5T

Optional Ingredients

Whole Sesame Seeds


1T (tablespoon), 1T (teaspoon), 1cup (cup), measuring spoon 1T, measuring spoon 1T

First, make the sweet and salty meat inside the Jeonju Bibim Samgak Gimbap. Add 2T of Beksul beef rib seasoning to 100g of soda pork and mix well! Finely chop 100g of marinated beef and 1/4 small onion in a frying pan. Stir-fry until the meat and onion are cooked. Place in a bowl and cool.

Triangle Kimbap
Heat 0.5T of cooking oil in a pan and stir-fry 100g of minced beef. When the meat is cooked, add 1.5T of red pepper paste, 1T of dark soy sauce, 0.5T of sugar, and 0.5T of minced garlic and stir-fry. Discard the oil, remove the beef, and add to 1.5 bowls of rice. Add 0.5T sesame oil and whole sesame seeds and mix evenly.

Jeonju bibim rice mixed well with sweet and salty beef. And if you prepare a triangular kimbap mold, you can make Jeonju bibim. You are ready to make triangle kimbap! Fill the triangular kimbap mold 1/3 full with bibimbap and fill 1/3 full with seasoned soda pork around the center.

Triangle Kimbap

After filling the remaining 1/3 with Jeonju bibimbap, place the lid on the triangular kimbap mold and press down firmly once. Then, Jeonju bibim triangle rice balls are ready! Today’s menu is triangle gimbap, so we need to wrap seaweed, right? Made on top of seaweed for triangular kimbap After placing the Jeonju Bibim triangle rice balls, place the seaweed at the bottom upwards and cover the Jeonju Bibim rice balls.

Triangle Kimbap
Fold the covered seaweed downwards on both sides, then fold the seaweed underneath upwards on both sides and attach a sticker to the center to secure it. Then, I made it with my own hands, not the convenience store triangle gimbap! Jeonju bibim triangle gimbap with plenty of beef is ready! If you make 1.5 bowls (315g) of rice, you will get exactly 4 servings, so it’s great!!

Triangle Kimbap
When you buy seaweed for triangle kimbap, it comes with a sticker, so if you write down the type and stick it on, you won’t be envious of the triangle kimbap at the convenience store. I think the biggest advantage of triangle kimbap is that the seaweed stays crispy even when you microwave it!
Triangle Kimbap
It’s delicious when you microwave it for 30 seconds and eat it! I added liquid soy sauce to stir-fry the minced garlic, but the taste of soy sauce came out slightly in the rice, which was a bit disappointing. So, next time, I tried to mix it with only red pepper paste, and when I looked for it, I found Baek Jong-won’s beef red pepper paste, so I’m going to try making it again. Have a delicious simple meal today with Jeonju Bibim Triangle Gimbap!

Triangle Kimbap

How to Make Kimbap Triangle – ‘Grilled Triangular’ Kimbap

Last week, I made baked triangle kimbap using a triangle gimbap mold at home. The baking went well, but when I turned it over, it got spattered, and when I stood it up to take a picture, it cracked… So this time, I tried making grilled triangular gimbap and grilled rice balls by making smaller shapes with my hands without a mold.

How to Make Kimbap Triangle - 'Grilled Triangular' Kimbap

Ingredients for Grilled Triangle Kimbap

One and a half bowls of rice, the smallest can of tuna, mayonnaise, Cheongyang pepper, sesame seeds, sesame oil, soy sauce, sugar, water

1. Prepare half a bowl of rice and mix with sesame oil and sesame seeds. For the sauce, add 1.5 tablespoons of soy sauce, 1 tablespoon of sugar, and 2 tablespoons of water and mix until the sugar dissolves well.

2. Prepare a small can of tuna by squeezing out the oil. Add as much mayonnaise as you want and add chopped Cheongyang peppers and mix. I first used it for children and added one chopped Cheongyang pepper to the remaining tuna.

Grilled Triangle Kimbap

3. Wet a glove lightly with water and ball up a fistful of rice. Press the center to make a space, then add the tuna and gently pinch it with the other hand. If you add too much tuna mayo, the rice may not come together well.

4. Make a round shape and press lightly. It is important to make it hard so that it does not break while baking. I put 3 Cheongyang peppers in a round shape and made 2 triangle shapes.

Grilled Triangle Kimbap

5. Place rice on an unlined pan and bake. (Medium-low heat) When the rice becomes slightly crispy, turn it over and cook the other side the same way. Just before turning it over again, spread the sauce over it and flip it over.

6. Bake again, turn over, apply sauce, and repeat a few times. For reference, I left some sauce. When I made it like this and took a picture, it looked a little boring. I decorated it a little with black sesame seeds and seaweed.

Grilled Triangle Kimbap
After all, food and people have to be decorated, right? I was afraid that if I tried to stand it up like last time, it would all crack and fall apart, so I just laid it down. Grilled triangular gimbap with tuna mayo and Cheongyang pepper is a very delicacy. The sweet and salty sauce and the scorched part are so delicious. Be sure to try the tuna mayo with spicy Cheongyang pepper!

Grilled Triangle Kimbap

How to Make Kimbap Triangle – ‘Anchovy Triangle’ Kimbap

On a busy morning, I made simple but hearty triangular gimbap as a lunch box. Salt, sesame seeds, sesame oil and rice. Season the rice with salt, sesame seeds, and sesame oil. Rice that is slightly sticky is good for shaping. This is because if the rice is too dry, the rice balls may break easily. If you season the rice evenly like this, the rice itself is already delicious, so you can easily complete the rice balls by adding the remaining side dishes at home.

How to Make Kimbap Triangle - 'Anchovy Triangle' Kimbap

Stir Fried Anchovies, Stir Fried Fish Cake, Tuna and Kimch

When it comes to fillings for rice balls, it is better to season them a little. Stir-fried anchovies or tuna mayo are good, and slightly spicy stir-fried ground pork also goes well. Dried radish or pickled vegetables are also good, but they should not be too wet to prevent breakage. Or, you can just mix the rice itself with the seasoning and shape it.

Anchovy Triangle

The most difficult part is shaping the rice balls. To make triangle kimbap, you can make triangles by hand without buying a mold. First, spread the rice into a round shape and add about 1/3 of the filling to the center.Then, take a slightly larger amount than the rice on the floor with your hands and cover it as if wrapping it around it. Then, while covering it like this, press it firmly so that the side part can be sealed. Make up for the shortcomings with rice.

Anchovy Triangle

Round Rice Ball

Now, apply pressure with your hands and gently press it into a round shape as if making an eye ball. This is enough to complete well-rolled round rice balls. However, if the goal is a triangle, stand up this round rice ball and press it gently. Create the bottom of the triangle like this, and similarly create the other three sides using the bottom. For reference, create one side and repeat by gently pressing the protruding front side. The key is to shape it by pressing gently. This completes the triangular rice ball!

Anchovy Triangle

Then, cut the seaweed for kimbap and wrap it around the rice ball lengthwise. Since the seaweed has already been seasoned with the filling and rice, I used dried seaweed for kimbap. The rice balls should be wrapped with seaweed so that the rice grains are wrapped well and do not burst when eaten. Unlike the picture, it’s a good idea to cover it with a wider layer of cotton! (Much more effective in preventing bursting)

Anchovy Triangle

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