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Cream Bread
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Popular Varieties of Korean Bread with Cream

Korean Bread with Cream – ‘Breadik Nonsan Watermelon Whipped Cream Bread’ There are many different types of Bredique whipped cream bread, so I use them often. I heard that Nonsan watermelon whipped cream bread was released this time, so I looked for it every time I went to the gs25 convenience store, but I couldn’t […]

 Korea Lotte Market ''Seocho Branch'' Food Court - 'Jeremy20'
Korean Culture

Must Try Dishes At Lotte Market Food Court

 Korea Lotte Market ”Ansan Branch” Food Court – ‘Mimi Land’ This is the first time I learned about the name of Lotte Mart’s food court, ‘Mimi Land.’ The food court is on the 3rd floor, and although it is not very spacious, it is a great place to have a quiet meal. There are five […]

Korean Food
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Where to Find Authentic Korean Food in Chicago

Korean Food In Chicago – ‘En Hakkore 2.0’ Restaurant When you miss Korea, here’s a restaurant where you can taste Korean food even abroad! It looks like raw fish rice bowl, but it’s a slightly different Hawaiian dish: poke and sushi burrito! It looks like Japanese food, but it’s traditional Hawaiian food. The owner of […]

San Francisco Restaurant Food
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Traditional Korean Restaurant Food in San Francisco

Korean Food in San Francisco – ‘SORABOL’ I didn’t miss Korean food while traveling abroad, so I didn’t bring the usual cup ramen with me. However, after 5 days in San Francisco, I really wanted to eat Korean food. So I searched nearby and found the San Francisco Korean restaurant ‘SORABOL’. San Francisco’s ‘SORABOL’ is […]